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How Lab Glassware is made ?

Lab Glassware entails various tools and instruments that are used for the purpose of experimentation and researches in scientific labs. Not only in laboratories but these types of equipment are also used in schools and colleges for providing advanced knowledge to the students for better learning but Have you ever thought that How these laboratory glassware equipment are manufactured? Which

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What are Laboratory Glassware Equipments and their use ?

What are Laboratory Glassware Equipments ? Laboratory glassware  equipments  are tools made from borosilicate3.3 glass that is heat resistant and  used by scientists or lab technician who work in a chemistry lab, biological lab, research lab and medical labs. Some Glassware equipments are used to measure the volume of liquid and other are used to  perform experiments. Laboratory Equiments have

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Scientific Instruments Hub

Ambala a district of Haryana in India is known as  the largest science hub of Asia. It is the center of manufacturing scientific and surgical lab instruments. Ambala is known as science hub because of the fact that a large area is covered by the manufacturers and suppliers of scientific instruments. There are around 1000 of units which are involved

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